Tips For Having A Successful Drug Or Alcohol Intervention Meeting With A Relative

27 February 2018
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If one of your family members is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and you are planning to hold a drug intervention, then these tips will help you do so successfully: Tip: Invite People Who Your Relative Trusts and Knows Supports Them When you are in the first stages of planning the intervention, it is important that you choose who should and who should not be invited to attend. Read More 

Two Common Hearing Tests You Should Have Done To Screen For Hearing Loss

16 January 2018
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There are a few different hearing tests you can undergo to help identify and diagnose problems with your hearing. Some of the tests are complex and are done in a hearing lab with special equipment. Basic hearing tests for screening purposes can be done in a mobile setting. Although they don't provide as much information as more complex testing, the basic tests can indicate when you have hearing difficulties and need further testing. Read More 

When To Choose In-Home Occupational Therapy For Palliative Care Patients

28 November 2017
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When an ill loved one is sent home from a healthcare facility because he or she wishes to pass away in a familiar and comfortable environment, it's important to continue to arrange healthcare services that will keep the patient comfort. Known as palliative care, this often involves home visits from home health aides and other practitioners who can keep the person out of pain and allow him or her to have some manner of quality of life toward the end. Read More 

Oh My Aching Back: How To Help Your Kids Avoid Pain Caused By Backpacks

8 November 2017
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With the new school year underway, it's time to start worrying about back pain. You might not realize this, but kids have a lot of weight on their shoulders during the school year. It comes in the form of the books and supplies that they carry around in their backpacks. If they're not careful, the weight they carry on their shoulders can translate into back pain. Unfortunately, back pain can lead to absences, loss of concentration, and even injuries. Read More 

3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Face

22 October 2017
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If you have wrinkles on your face, you could be feeling a bit self-conscious about the way that you look. Even though you might realize that wrinkles are completely natural, you could still wish that you could get rid of them. Luckily, there are ways that you can help get rid of wrinkles or reduce their appearance. These are a few tips that can help with this so that you can feel good about the way that you look again. Read More