3 Tinnitus Myths, Debunked

8 April 2019
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Characterized by a constant ringing in the ears, tinnitus can affect your hearing and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the disorder, how it is caused, or even if it is treatable until they or someone they love develop it. This guide will help you learn the truth behind a few common myths about tinnitus. Tinnitus Is Rare One of the most common myths people believe is that tinnitus is rare. Read More 

What You Should Know About Hearing Loss

10 February 2019
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If you have noticed lately that your hearing is not as good as it used to be or have been told that you seem to have a hearing problem by friends or family, you may be wondering what you can or should do about the situation. This is particularly true if you think that you may need to get hearing aids. When dealing with hearing loss, there are many facts that you should know about the process of managing the condition. Read More 

Asthma Symptoms And Triggers To Avoid

3 January 2019
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Asthma can affect the young and the old. It is a condition that can be hereditary and can start at a young age or affect you as you age. An asthma attack can occur at any time, but certain things can also trigger it. Read on for symptoms of asthma and triggers to avoid to prevent an attack. Asthma Symptoms Some asthma symptoms can mimic that of allergies or even a cold, so if you aren't sure if you have asthma, be sure to make an appointment with your physician if these symptoms are reoccurring or don't go away. Read More 

3 Interesting Facts About Ankle Sprains

3 December 2018
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The ankle is an imperative part of your body. While it does support you while walking and standing, the ankle is also a joint that's crucial for moving properly. Unfortunately, the ankle also experiences a great deal of stress over your lifetime. If under too much pressure and strain, the ligaments of the ankle joint may stretch and even tear, affecting the way the bones and joints fit together. This is known as a sprain. Read More 

Tips for Reducing Infections Risks with Dermal Fillers

15 October 2018
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If you are interested in looking younger, then you may want to try dermal fillers, which help fill in the wrinkles and lines on your face. These products are quite popular and they are often offered by cosmetic professionals as well as aesthetic professionals. While the products are most often provided in a safe manner, there are some risks associated with them. Keep reading to learn about some tips on how to reduce your infection risks. Read More