Do You Need To Go Back To Rehab After A Relapse?

12 April 2021
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Relapse is a normal part of the recovery process from addiction. Some patients relapse once or twice, and others relapse multiple times as they work towards recovery. While it is important to take relapse seriously, it is also important not to let it deter you from continuing along your recovery journey. So, does that mean you should go back to rehab after a relapse? Sometimes the answer is "yes," and other times, the answer is " Read More 

Unsatisfied With Your Current Rosacea Treatment? Here’s Why You May Want To Consider Facial Botox Injections For Rosacea

18 March 2021
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While rosacea isn't a dangerous medical condition, it can cause quite a bit of discomfort. When someone has rosacea, they'll commonly experience flushing, redness, and irritation on their face. In some cases, the redness is triggered by sunlight exposure or physical activity. In other cases, the redness seems to randomly come and go. Rosacea is highly visible, so many people who have it often feel embarrassed about the constant facial redness and irritation. Read More 

So, You’re Being Sent To The Rheumatologist

5 February 2021
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"I'm referring you to a rheumatologist." When you hear those words come out of your doctor's mouth, you probably have more questions than answers. Rheumatology is not a widely known field of medicine, like orthopedics or gynecology, so you may be a bit confused as to why you're being referred to this kind of doctor and what they're going to do. But never fear — your questions should be answered below. Read More 

Hookah Accessories For The Beginner To Consider

31 December 2020
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Are you thinking about buying a hookah as an alternative to other smoking options or just to enhance your social experiences? There are a few different accessories to consider investing in when buying your new hookah or shortly thereafter including: Flavor Enhancers There are add-on devices that can be purchased for your hookah that will help to enhance the flavor of your shisha and even make it last a little longer. Read More 

Dos and Don’ts of Recovering From an Eating Disorder

30 November 2020
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It can be challenging to recover from an eating disorder. Many people who are suffering from an eating disorder want to know how they can properly recover. This is particularly true when you need food to survive, but food is something that you don't want or is unable to keep down. As you are recovering from an eating disorder, here are a few dos and don'ts to help you out. Read More