Food Allergies And Acne: Could Your Diet Be Causing You To Break Out?

30 December 2014
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Did you know that many allergy and skin care authorities believe that food allergies are the most common cause of acne? While hormones and age obviously play a role in acne breakouts, the most fundamental cause of skin blemishes may be allergic responses.  Unfortunately, it's more complicated to correct acne by tracking down food allergies than it is to simply fight acne using skin cleansers and antibiotics. However, determining food allergies or dietary factors that trigger acne will probably be much more effective in the long run than these more superficial means of combatting outbreaks. Read More 

Pedicures Don’t Always Turn Out As Heavenly As They Sound

29 December 2014
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A trip to the nail salon or spa for a pedicure that includes soaking your feet in a tub of warm water may sound relaxing, but danger could be lurking. Pedicure infections can range from common viral infections like warts to more serious viral and bacterial infections that can lead to amputation or even death. Cause of pedicure infections: Harmful bacteria is often the culprit if the water in a foot spa isn't properly disinfected. Read More 

What Is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

12 November 2014
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If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, your gynecologist might have mentioned testing for polycystic ovary syndrome. This disorder is one of the most common reasons for infertility, and it affects between five and 10 percent of women according to OBGYN professionals. What is polycystic ovary syndrome? Polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS, is a condition in which cysts form on a woman's ovaries. In response to the cysts, the body begins to produce more hormones, including the male sex hormone. Read More