Slow And Steady Progress Is Key To A Successful Recovery From Total Knee Surgery

29 December 2015
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You're scheduled to have that painful knee joint replaced. After the surgery, you'll spend a couple of days in the hospital, then you'll go home where the real work begins. Regaining strength and motion in your knee means spending weeks doing physical therapy and making steady incremental progress. Here is how to have a successful recovery after your new knee joint replacement. Physical Therapy Starts Quickly After Surgery Within a few hours after your knee surgery, the staff will get you up out of bed into a chair. Read More 

Advice On Pumping And Storing Your Breast Milk

13 December 2015
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When you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital, you want to make sure you do everything you can to be prepared for anything. If you plan on breastfeeding, then you should stock up on breastmilk. Having extra on hand will ensure you are covered if you need to leave your baby with someone for a while. Also, pumping more than your baby needs at the moment will help to increase your milk supply. Read More 

Potential Complications To Watch For After Lymph Node Removal Surgery

27 November 2015
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If you have recently undergone a lymph node biopsy or lymphadenectomy as part of a skin cancer surgery, you may be wondering about the long-term ramifications of living without a lymph node. Although it is perfectly possible to live a normal life afterwards, you should keep an eye out for these signs of complications following your procedure.  Examining Your Remaining Lymph Nodes Regularly Even if your skin cancer seems to be entirely cleared after surgery, your physician should show you how to check your lymph nodes to catch any changes quickly. Read More 

The Benefits Of Short Term Rehabilitation When Recovering From Total Hip Surgery

9 November 2015
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You're finally getting that joint replacement so you can walk without pain again. This is major surgery, but your orthopedic surgeon has performed it numerous times. This is the first time for you, though, and you want your recovery to be successful. With the costs of a hospital stay, many people choose to recover at home from major surgery. The thought of recovering in a familiar surrounding is appealing. But being at home can also be a distraction from your focus on your hip. Read More 

Should You Have A Colonoscopy In Your Thirties?

26 October 2015
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If you're in your thirties and generally healthy, you likely don't put much thought into the medical screenings recommended in your forties and fifties -- mammograms, prostate exams, and colonoscopies. However, there are some situations in which seeking a colonoscopy while in your thirties or forties could help identify a problem that may have proven fatal before your first recommended exam. Read on to learn more about some of the issues a colonoscopy can be used to diagnose, as well as the situations in which having a colonoscopy performed in your thirties could save you medical bills (and worry) down the road. Read More