Two Cataract Treatment Questions You May Have

5 March 2015
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Your eyes are two of the most important sensory organs that you have, and while you may go much of your life without experiencing major problems, the aging process can make you more likely to develop cataracts. This clouding of the lens can gradually rob you of your ability to see, but you do not have to let this condition permanently lower your quality of life. Patients who have recently been diagnosed with this conditions may have questions that they need answered before making a decision. 

What Are The Best Treatment Options For Cataracts?

Many people want to avoid surgery at all costs, and this should not be particularly surprising. Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that cataracts have non-surgical treatment options. While it may be possible for your doctor to slow the progress of the cataracts with special eye drops, there is no way to reverse the damage that has been done without undergoing surgery. 

This condition is caused by an accumulation of proteins on the lens, and it is impossible to remove the proteins that have already accumulated without replacing the lens. Luckily, this surgery has a relatively short recovery time, and you will likely be back to your normal routine after only a couple of days. 

Is It Difficult To Keep Your Eye Open During The Surgery?

A major concern for those undergoing eye surgery is that the procedure will be painful and they will struggle to keep their eye open. Considering the strong reflex to close your eye when the doctor is working on it, this concern is understandable. Fortunately, it is not something you have to worry about. 

For this surgery to be successfully completed, the eyelid must be securely held open, and it would be impossible for the patient to comply with this on their own. To this end, a small spring is used to hold the eyelid open while the doctor performs the procedure. Also, pain should not be something you are worried about because you will be given pain medication and the eye will be numbed. 

Cataracts have the ability to devastate your ability to see, but cataracts surgery has the potential to completely restore your vision with a fast and relatively painless procedure. By understanding why surgery is the only way to reverse this condition and that it will not be difficult to keep your eye open, you will be better prepared for what to expect when you have this condition treated. For more information, contact a specialist like Thomas L. Lawrence, M.D., P.A.