Does Your Child Want To Be A Softball Fastpitch Pitcher At School? Tips To Help Them Get Started

1 June 2015
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If your child would like to be a fastpitch pitcher in softball at their school, this is not something they can simply step out onto the field and do. They will have to take time to learn the proper way to pitch. Below are some tips on how to get your child in the circle.

Warming Up

You should develop a warm up routine with your child, as it is important that they warm up their muscles before they start to pitch. Start out with jogging or fast walking for about five minutes, and then stretch out their muscles for 10 minutes.

When they are finished jogging and stretching, start out with soft overhand throwing for about 15 minutes, and then have your child step back for full distance overhand throwing for another 15 minutes.

Getting Started

Your child should learn the basic mechanics of fastpitch pitching first. If you do not know how to fastpitch yourself, you should consider signing your child up for pitching lessons. If they do not learn the proper mechanics, they will never become a good pitcher. They should not worry about controlling the ball at this point.

The training coach will make sure your child has consistent arm speed while they are pitching, and that they do not bend their arm while it is going the whole way around during a pitch. He or she will also teach your child how to use their legs to help speed up the ball, and to stand up straight while pitching.

Once your child learns the basic mechanics, the training coach will then start teaching them how to control the ball, and then work on pitching speed.

Learning the Different Pitches

There are different types of pitches a softball pitcher will throw to the batters to keep them off guard. For example, instead of throwing the ball straight down the middle of the plate where it is easy to hit, the pitcher will throw the ball so it is in the bottom right or left, or at the top right or left corners of the plate. They will likely learn the change up pitch first, and then move on to the drop ball, and then an off-speed pitch.

Once your child learns how to fastpitch, they should then try out for their school's softball team. If they make the team, they will likely have to get a sports physical exam from a clinic like Physicians Immediate Care Centers PS, before they can start playing. During this exam, the doctor will look at their family medical history, and then take your child's blood pressure, and weight and height measurements. The doctor will then check your child's lungs, heart, and evaluate their flexibility, strength, joints, and posture.