Why Orthodontics Are Needed For A Child With Buck Teeth

30 June 2015
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Growing up with buck teeth can be embarrassing for a child. Buck teeth are caused from a condition that is known as an overbite, which can be corrected if you take your child to a dentist to get orthodontics (braces) installed on his or her teeth. In this article, learn about overbite and getting it corrected with metal braces.

What Can Happen When a Child Has an Overbite?

Overbite leads to the top and bottom set of teeth being misaligned. The top set of teeth hangs over the bottom set of teeth, which can cause your child to have a hard time when it comes to chewing food the right way. It is hard to chew food with force when teeth are misaligned. The misaligned teeth can also be hard to thoroughly clean, and can lead to cavities or gum disease.

An overbite is a serious dental condition because it can be painful for your child when he or she has to struggle to chew food. The condition can also place a lot of strain on the jawbone. You don't want your child's jawbone getting damaged, because it is important for preventing teeth from falling out. You must get the overbite corrected with orthodontics in a timely manner for the sake of your child's dental health. The condition must also be fixed because it can cause speech problems and cause more embarrassment for your child.

What Makes Orthodontics Ideal for Correcting a Child's Overbite?

Braces are ideal for correcting overbite because they will be able to slowly align your child's teeth in the way they should be. A dentist will have to put brackets on your child's teeth to act as a mold for straightening them up. However, the brackets are not what will bring the teeth to the right position, as metal wires will also be installed. The metal wires are the most important part of wearing braces because they are placed tightly on the brackets that are on each tooth to force them to move.

Your child will have to wear the braces for a while, depending on how bad his or her overbite is. Occasional visits to an orthodontist will be necessary so the metal wires can be tightened. Expect your child's metal braces to cost an average of $3,000 plus if he or she is not covered by dental insurance. Speak with an orthodontist like Reed Orthodontics about your child's condition and get metal braces installed as soon as possible!