An Understanding Of Laser Cataract Surgery

17 February 2016
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When you are dealing with cataracts, there are varying levels of hindrances that you may deal with. If your doctor deems it necessary, you may need to get a laser cataract surgery to get rid of this problem and to counteract any potential vision issues. Because of this, you should begin to learn as much as you can about this surgery, in order to have peace of mind, know what to expect and understand the costs associated with it. Read on in order to learn more. 

Why is it so important to receive laser cataract surgery?

If a surgery is necessary to remove the substance clouding your eye's lens known as cataracts, it is typically so that you don't exacerbate any vision issues. When these cataracts get out of hand, your vision may become blurry, or you may have trouble making out natural light. This can make it difficult to read, do your job and operate a motor vehicle. These visual problems can also create long lasting issues with your vision, especially as you age. You will need to reach out to an accredited optical surgeon in order to have this procedure carried out. 

What is involved in a laser cataract surgery?

After your optometrist refers you to an ophthalmologist, you will undergo a series of pre surgery tests. They will typically prescribe you a series of eye drops to take, as there are some infection risks associated with laser cataract surgery, and these eye drops proactively prevent them. During the surgical process, your eyes will be dilated and the doctor will use a focused laser in order to cut and remove the cataracts from your lens in a methodical manner. The surgery should not last more than an hour or so. 

How much will the surgery cost?

The type of visual or medical insurance that you maintain will play a role in how much you can expect to pay for your laser cataract surgery. You should seek a consultation from the surgeon ahead of time in which price, among other considerations, is discussed. Without insurance, you might pay a little more than $3,000 per eye, while this price lowers to about $500 per eye with a solid insurance plan. You will need to shop around in order to know this price for sure. 

Keep these guidelines in the back of your head so that you know what to get from cataract surgery.