Why Your Loved One Should Go To An Out-Of-State Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

11 March 2016
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If you have a family member that has a drug problem, there is a good chance that they are friends with or involved with individuals who help them feed this habit. This can be family and friends who are giving them money and this can also be individuals around them who also use drugs and encourage the habit. Going to a substance abuse treatment facility is one of the best chances for those who are on drugs to break free from the cycle of addiction. Sending your loved one to an out of state facility is one of the best ways to help with treatment. Here are some reasons and ways to send your loved one out of state. 

Getting away from the old crew can bring a new attitude

Being able to completely leave the environment of addiction that involves friends and dealers is a great way to help with a complete change of lifestyle. Going out of state for treatment means that your loved one must leave this mental and physical crutch behind. They will not be able to call up their old friends to get drugs nor will they be able to easily get out of the facility and go to see them. The mental and physical separation can prove vital for getting clean. 

Send them to a state with family

Although you want to get your loved one into a substance abuse treatment center to learn to stand on their own feet and lead a sober lifestyle, it can help to know that others are in their corner. If you can, look for treatment centers in the state where you have other family who can visit with or help your loved one if they wind up needing help. Knowing that they have a support system for their new sober life can encourage your family member to keep going and it may become an area that they decide to settle down in. 

Disappearing often means that others exit forever

If your addicted loved one disappears without phone or physical contact from their old group, there is a high likelihood that their old group will move on without them. Addicts are typically increasingly difficult to keep up with due to being high and losing time or spending time searching for drugs or money to continue to feed a habit. Disappearing from a group of other addicted people often means losing contact with them in the long term. Help your loved one by sending them to another state that will help them lose contact with their old life and open up the possibility of becoming a brand new person.