Four Factors To Remember Before Laser Tattoo Removal

20 July 2016
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When you got your tattoo, you couldn't find one problem with it.  However, for one reason or another, your tattoo isn't as appealing as it once was. Hence, your desire for laser tattoo removal. The laser method is highly effective, but you can enhance your experience by knowing what to expect. Here are just some of the factors you want to keep in mind when undergoing laser tattoo removal.

Understand That The Laser Matters

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the laser used for treatments.  Make sure you are asking questions about the type of laser that will be used for your treatment. All lasers have different wavelengths. This is important because the laser's wavelength will determine which colors it targets. Individuals with single color tattoos can get by with a single laser. However, individuals with multicolored tattoos need multiple lasers at varying wavelengths. Always ask questions.

Have A Reasonable Expectation

Have a realistic idea about what to expect. One laser treatment isn't going to make the tattoo vanish magically. It takes multiple treatments for effective removal and what's considered multiple varies from individual to individual. How responsive and sensitive your skin is, how long you've had the tattoo and how frequently you undergo treatments are all contributing factors. If you expect to walk out and have the tattoo removed after one treatment, you should also expect to be disappointed.  

Expect Challenges For Amateur Tattoos

If you had your tattoo performed by an amateur artist, such as someone not in a formal, licensed shop, you should expect a more challenging removal. Amateur artists generally don't apply the ink as evenly as professional artists and the ink they use is generally very thin. Uneven, thin ink is harder to pinpoint with a laser that evenly dispersed, dense ink. This ultimately makes it harder to remove the tattoo, resulting in a greater number of treatments.

Be Aware Of Side-Effects

Recognize that side-effects can occur. Fortunately, most people only experience minor issues that correct themselves over time. However, knowing these issues exist can help eliminate panic. A common and immediate side-effect is skin darkening, especially with tattoos that contain white ink. White ink often oxidizes, or darkens, after the initial treatment due to an interaction with the titanium dioxide used during treatment. The darken areas usually fade with further treatments. Speak with your technician about all the possible side effects.

Make sure you take some time to review the process beforehand to ensure you are well prepared for laser tattoo removal treatment. Your provider will be your best resource in this area.