Important Considerations To Make When Hiring A Care Management Company For Your Loved One

5 October 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


Making sure that your loved one gets the health care that they need as they age can be a stressful experience if there isn't a care management company by your side to make the job easier. Here are a few things to consider when consulting with potential management companies and deciding which one to ultimately work with:

Care Plan Development

It is critical to determine how each of the care management companies you consider hiring will develop the care plan your loved one needs both now and as time goes on. Find out if you and your loved one who will be included in the planning process have the ability to make choices about things such as:

  • How to Assess Risk Factors
  • Residential Care Preparations
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Behavioral Service Needs
  • Monitoring Planning and Management

Ask each potential care management company you speak with to provide you with their planning and development outline, so you know exactly what to expect from each of them.

Care Coordination

Another important aspect to think about is how your loved one's health care needs will be coordinated on an ongoing basis. Will you be responsible for making doctor's appointments and home visits? Or will these tasks be taken care of for you? How will you avoid double-booking appointments? How far in advance will you be presented with a calendar of upcoming healthcare events so you can plan accordingly? Overall coordination is important for optimal care results, so learn as much as you can during your consultation meetings, so you don't end up disappointed after you start working with the care management company you decide to hire.

Documentation Management

All of the care your loved one receives should be documented for insurance reasons, and you shouldn't have to do the legwork yourself. Make sure that the care management company you choose to hire is willing to compile, store, and manage all doctor's reports, medical bills, payment receipts, and any other documentation that is created as a result of the care your loved one receives. They should also be willing to provide you with copies of all the paperwork for your personal records. In addition to learning about what type of document management services potential companies offer, find out if there are any additional fees that are associated with said services.

With the help of these considerations, you should be able to find a care management company to work with that can provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve for many years to come.