Colic Taking The Joy Out Of Parenthood? 3 Tips That Will Bring Relief To Your Baby And You

1 February 2017
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If you're a first-time parent, you might not have been prepared for the changes that would occur in your life. It's also possible that you probably weren't prepared for colic (excessive crying). Even if your friends have told you about it – and you've read the books – colic can still turn your world upside down. If your newborn has settled into a pattern of constant – or nearly constant – crying, it's time to get down to business.

First, you need to know that colic isn't going to last forever. It may feel like it will, but it won't. Second, you need to know that there are some tricks for dealing with colic. Third, you also need to know that solutions to colic often occur after much trial and error. Here are three tricks that will help bring relief to your baby, and you.

Go for the White Noise

If your little one has colic, and nothing seems to calm it down, it's time to add some noise – white noise. If you're not sure what white noise is, it's the humming, or static noise that comes from clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, and even ceiling fans. White noise tends to calm colicky baby's down so that they can sleep. Need to get a bit of house cleaning done, but you haven't been able to put your colicky baby down? Put your little one down for a nap and turn the vacuum on for a few minutes. You'll get some work done, and your baby will get some rest.

Turn Down the Stress

It doesn't take much to stress out a newborn. After all, they've spent the last nine months inside the womb. Suddenly, they're in the outside world, surrounded by sights, sounds and smells that they're not accustomed to. If sensory overload has brought on a raging case of colic, you can help your little one out by turning down the stress. Swaddle your baby in a cozy blanket and place them in their bed for a few minutes. Turn the lights down so that they can relax a bit. While you're still in the room, lie your little one down on their tummy for a few minutes. This should relieve any gas that's been created during their crying spell.

Take a Time Out

If your little one has been crying so long that's starting to wear you down, it's okay to take a break. Give yourself a time-out. Call a friend and have them come over to sit with your little one while you go out and spend a few minutes of much-needed alone time.

Don't let colic get the best of you. Use the tips provided here to help you and your little one get through the colicky phase. If the problem persists, be sure to talk to a doctor, like one from Willow Oak Pediatrics