The Dangers Of Pneumonia In Children Who Get Chickenpox

27 July 2017
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Chickenpox is a common disease that impacts children all over the world. While uncomfortable and sometimes painful, it is rarely dangerous. However, it is possible that a child could develop a severe complication like pneumonia, one that a pediatrician needs to manage right away.

Chickenpox Can Lead To Pneumonia

Chickenpox is an infection that causes rashes and other serious problems. It typically occurs in young children, and when it does, many complications can occur. These can make the disease even more problematic, especially when it becomes a more serious concern like pneumonia. Varicella pneumonia occurs in children because chickenpox will affect the operation of their immune system.

Symptoms of this problem should start to develop about 2–10 days after the first appearance of the chickenpox rash. In many cases, a pediatrician is necessary to treat this problem. However, it is typically important to gauge the severity of the problem before taking the child to the doctor.

Pneumonia Is A Serious Condition

When pneumonia does occur, it can range from a mild concern to a serious one. For example, mild cases have symptoms like a dry cough, a mild fever, and a headache. This type of case is known as walking pneumonia and is typically not that serious.

Unfortunately, this disease can quickly progress to more serious cases. Moderate to severe pneumonia includes symptoms like a sore throat, coughs, congestion, diarrhea, loss of appetite, chills, flushed skin, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. Managing this concern requires going to a high-quality pediatrician and letting them treat the problem quickly and effectively.

Treating This Danger

When chickenpox affects a child, it is important to take them to a pediatrician right away. They can assess the problem and help provide the child with relief that helps to avoid pneumonia infection. Antibiotics can help fight off this infection and keep it from developing. It can even help children recover more quickly from chickenpox.

If pneumonia does develop in a child anyway, it is important to treat the symptoms of it. For example, they may recover getting oxygen therapy if the problem becomes too severe. In most cases, this is probably not necessary. A good pediatrician can identify a problem and fix it before it becomes dangerous to a child's health.

By following these guidelines, a parent can protect their child from the dangers of these serious health problems. Talk with a pediatrician from a clinic like Ada Pediatrics PA if you have concerns.