Struggling With Atopic Dermatitis? Try These Resources

30 October 2020
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


Atopic dermatitis can be a frustrating condition to manage. Even after you identify your triggers, avoiding them can be tough. And although there are medications and medicated creams that can help ease the symptoms of your condition, they are not always effective, and you may be left still dealing with minor symptoms or the occasional flare-up. This can wear on you after a while, and you may find yourself desiring more support and information. Here are some places you can turn to.

A Therapist

Seeing a therapist about your atopic dermatitis may sound strange at first, but think back on how the condition has affected you. Have you avoided certain social events because you were embarrassed by the appearance of your skin? Have you felt a lack of confidence in relationships because you feared your partner might be turned off by your symptoms? These things can affect you deeply, and talking through it with a therapist can be really helpful. The therapist can help you separate yourself and your personality from your atopic dermatitis and find ways to work through any negative emotions you've been experiencing.

Books and Videos

Consider reading a few books written by people with atopic dermatitis. You may even find some videos made by other patients with your condition. Hearing others talk about their struggles can help you feel less alone. These authors or video presenters may also share how they deal with their atopic dermatitis diagnoses, and you can employ some of their strategies to better manage your own condition.

Support Groups

Search to see if there are any support groups for people with atopic dermatitis in your area. Or you may be able to find a less specific support group, such as one for people with skin conditions and dermatological disorders. It can be nice to be in a place where people who you know understand your struggles, and you know are not judging the appearance of your skin. At these support groups, you can gain everything from tips to avoiding triggers to advice on applying moisturizer. You can share tips and tricks you've learned along the way, too.

If you have been struggling with atopic dermatitis in spite of medical treatment, it is time to look into the options above. This condition can affect you mentally, too, and if you pay a little more attention to your mental health, you'll be able to remain more positive. Contact an atopic dermatitis disease resource for more information.