Answering The Most Common Questions About LASIK

19 January 2022
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Your eyes are incredibly complex, so you may have some concerns when your eye doctor asks if you've considered laser eye surgery. LASIK and other surgeries can be intimidating if you are unsure how they work.

Laser eye surgery can help you see a real difference in your vision. These are some of the things you might want to know about laser eye surgery before you choose to undergo the treatment.

Why Is LASIK a Good Idea?

There are many benefits to choosing LASIK to remedy your eye concerns. For one, you'll be able to see without the need for devices like glasses. For patients who play sports or participate in other athletic activities, this can be especially helpful. Some people also experience an increase in self-esteem and a decrease in anxiety knowing that they can see clearly without the need for glasses.

What Does LASIK Surgery Do?

LASIK surgery treats a variety of refractive issues that optical patients experience. Most commonly, laser eye surgery treats myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you may find that LASIK is a good fit so that you can see clearly without using these devices. Different prescription types are treated with LASIK based on a number of factors specific to your eyes and health.

Who Can Get LASIK?

You may be eligible for laser eye surgery if your eye doctor determines you are a good fit. The best candidates will have vision that has not changed for at least a year. Additionally, good candidates will not have certain eye conditions, including glaucoma. Your doctor will talk to you about whether your prescription will be significantly changed or if you may still need to wear devices to see clearly.

What Happens After Laser Eye Surgery?

After surgery, you will need some light care. You will visit your eye doctor after surgery to ensure that the surgery worked and that you are healing correctly. You should also continue to see your eye doctor annually to ensure your eyes are healthy and not at risk for any health concerns.

How Can You Get Surgery?

Are you ready to get laser eye surgery? Now is a great time to talk about the procedure with your eye doctor. Together you can determine if this procedure is a good fit for your eyes and your vision goals. Contact your eye doctor to schedule an appointment.

For more information on laser eye surgery, contact a professional near you.